Privacy Policy


We Protect Your Information

The RICHMOND TRAINING CENTER team is always looking out for your best interests. We use several different techniques to make sure the information you share with us can’t be read by others, but there’s no such thing as complete privacy on the internet! If it sounds like someone might have accessed or disclosed our records without permission please contact us at, right away – we want nothing more than peace of mind knowing that every measure has been taken towards protecting personally identifiable info collected through this website


The RICHMOND TRAINING CENTER website may use cookies to gather information about your visits for us to improve the user experience. A cookie is a small string of text sent by websites and stored on computers, mobile devices or other internet-connected gadgets that help identify you as an individual when visiting different sites within our network without having any additional credentials such as email addresses associated with them before they were set up! These little pieces o’ secrets keep track of everything from what browser type/version number we think someone might be using (so if there’s been some recent innovation) down to how long ago somebody started scrolling through pages – all this helps us better serve its customers

Website Analytics

The RICHMOND TRAINING CENTER website may use Google Analytics and other similar services to help analyze how you interact with our site. These analytic tools store data about your visits so that we can better understand what aspects of the website work best, where people are erroring most often on-site, or if there’s anything else interesting going around! We will never (and cannot allow any third party) use these analytics service tools for tracking purposes; all information collected is exclusively used internally within

No Spyware or Adware

Your privacy is important to us. We do not install any kind of spyware or adware on our website, and we don’t distribute commercial messages using these programs either! If it seems like your computer has been infected with “spyware” (or some other form) by an outside source then there are many anti-malware applications available online which will identify if such infections exist within their system; however just because they can recognize something’s amenable doesn’t mean its removable, contact qualified technicians right away before anything else happens!

Retention of Your Personally Identifiable Information

The personally identifiable information that you provide will be stored and maintained by RICHMOND TRAINING CENTER until you instruct us otherwise, or, in RICHMOND TRAINING CENTER’s sole discretion, for the longer of (a) for so long as is necessary or appropriate to carry out the purpose(s) for which such information was collected and (b) for so long as we are required to maintain such information by law or other applicable rules or regulations.

Questions or Comments

RICHMOND TRAINING CENTER is always happy to answer any questions about this Privacy Policy. If you have a question or comment, please email us at